Motorola HT1250 LS+ Voice Storage UHF 450-512 MHz Portable Radio AAH25SDH9DP5AN
NEW JLab JBuddies Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Gray/Blue
Multi-function Nylon Case Bag for Baofeng Kenwood Motorola Two-way Radio MSC-20B
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10X Professional High Grade 2-Wire Earphone PTT Mic for Motorola PTX700 Plus
10X 2-Wire Suveillace Kit Radio Earpiece PTT for Black Diamond FeiDaxin Kirisun
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10x LEFT Medium Earbud Earmold for Kenwood Motorola Two-Way Radios Pack of 10
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KEMET, Panasonic, nichicon, Capacitors, transistors relays, 100+ items
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Pendulum GPS-12R Rubidium Frequency Standard
Lot of 50 Zebra TC51 Health Care Carrying Clip(SG-TC51-CLIPHC1-01)
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Vertex Standard CX 261 radio
Anritsu MS8911B built in MS2721B Spectrum Analyzer -- TESTED !
AC/DC Power Cord Assorted Parts
Agilent N9340B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA)100 kHz to 3 GHz Opt.PA3 --TESTED
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Planet Audio PMP35W.6 Gauge-Style In-Dash Radio with 6.5" White Marine Speakers
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computer Keyboard CW Code signal Generator new version
isolated source AC110 220V to DC 5V 2A switch power supply converter board
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GMS LNA,2.0-2.7GHZ (RF power amplifier) 21db gain
OMEGA+ 10 bands portable TRX - BLACK FRIDAY !
5PCS Retevis Covert Air Acoustic Earpiece Headset for Kenwood TK-3207/3107 H777!
NEW 100k-3G limiter input 13DBM, output 4DBM
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Sunrise Telecom SLGE Single-port 10/100/1000Base-T, 1000BASE-X Etherne -- TESTED
Agilent E4431B Signal Generator 250kHz to 2GHz Opt. 1EM - UN8 -- TESTED
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Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion, 6-1/2-Digit DMM Opt. N/A -- TESTED
WiFi Microchip module IO's ADC PWM interrupt development C30 IDE easy LOW POWER
1pcs 100k-3G limiter input 13DBM output 4DBM
UNIPULSE F340A Digital Indicator
NEW 1PC 100kHZ-3GHZ limiter input 13DBM, output 4DBM
NEW 1PC 10MHZ-1.2GHZ 2 Frequency Multiplier, Frequency Multiplier, Frequency Mul
1 2
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